CPCS: Welcome Back Sept. 8, 2021

CPCS: Welcome Back

SEPT. 8, 2021


Dear CalPac Students and Families,

Happy first month of school! We are so pleased to welcome you to another year at California Pacific Charter Schools.  For those of you who are new to our school, welcome to the CalPac family!  As we move into the 21/22 school year, CalPac’s theme is “Riding the Waves of Change.”  There sure has been a lot of change lately, hasn’t there?  We want to provide consistency, community. and excellence at school through whatever this year will throw our way.

We are already off to a great start--last week our students completed the NWEA assessments in math and reading. Information from these assessments helps us get to know our students so we can best encourage their strengths and fill in any gaps in learning that may have occurred in the past few years.  If your child hasn't completed NWEA testing, please contact their homeroom teacher to get it scheduled.  All students will receive a score report in early October.

We hope you all found your initial master agreement meeting with your homeroom teacher as beneficial and enjoyable as your teacher did. This first point of connection is there to build that relationship and provide a strong foundation for you and your child’s success this year. Remember to lean on your homeroom teacher whenever you have questions or need support.

We are also enjoying all of the live class connection time and seeing so many students participate on camera. First day homeroom kick-offs were filled with eager and smiling faces, and our teachers are looking forward to building strong classroom relationships as students participate in daily and weekly sessions. With live sessions starting this week, teachers are eager to work with students, dive deeper into content, and create space for peer collaboration and connection.  Our goal is to strengthen our virtual community through our live classes, so seeing everyone’s faces really brings our virtual classrooms to life.

New this year - Virtual Learning Hub! We are excited to offer tutor supported guided work time Monday-Friday for all students. Virtual Learning Hub is available to K-8 students from 10:30am-12:30pm and HS students from 1pm-3pm. No appointment is needed, so whether you just want a space to do your online work or need specific help with an assignment, make sure to connect with us during Virtual Learning Hub. 

This week students are really diving into their independent coursework. Make sure to encourage your child to take their time reviewing the content and taking notes so that they are best prepared for the lesson quizzes and tests. The assignment calendar and pacing guides in each course will be your best resource for making sure assignments are completed on time and progress is being made. Reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have any questions about creating a daily schedule or finding your assignment calendar. Staying on track from the beginning will make it an enjoyable and successful semester for everyone.

Whatever your goals (or your child’s goals), we encourage you to take full advantage of everything CalPac has to offer.  Join a club, check out our monthly student activities, sign up for tutoring or come to virtual learning hub, and talk about your goals with your counselor.  We’re here to help your child succeed and give them the tools to relentlessly pursue their life goals from kindergarten to high school graduation. 

Here’s to a great year!


Christine Feher

Executive Director