FREE Personalized Resources July 19, 2019

FREE Personalized Resources

FREE Personalized Resources for a Flexible Schedule.

We receive an overwhelming amount of feedback from students and parents about how much they appreciate the flexibility built into our educational offerings. Our students can choose when to complete their schoolwork each day. This gives them greater choice in time management for interests and responsibilities that are outside of school.

However, an integral part of offering flexible educational options are the vast resources our organization provides to each and every student. Whether providing resources to help you with your schoolwork, to connect you to your courses, or to get you there…we make sure that you have what you need to be successful in school and in your endeavors. Here are just a few helpful resources available to our students:

We’ll Get You There

For many students, opportunities are limited to a small geographic area of where they are able to get to. Without their own  consistent mode of transportation, scheduling and logistics can be difficult. In order to make sure each student is able to gain access to a broader range of resources, we offer FREE bus passes to our students in San Diego County. This allows our students to expand their geographical area of opportunity and more easily access things they are involved in including such as academic internships, sports practices, theatre dance, or music rehearsals, employment opportunities, etc. No student’s future should be limited due to transportation.

Gaining Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Aside from physically getting our students to where they need to be, we understand that not all students may have access to high speed internet to gain access to courses, content, instruction, and online resources. That’s why we offer our students FREE WiFi Hotspots so that they can get their work done on their own time. You never have to search for internet access - you can access your school work wherever you are.

Personalized Help, When You Need It

We believe that when a student is struggling, they deserve immediate resources. CCCS provides individual learners with "push-in" support in the communities where they live, work, perform, and play, as well as from teachers with California credentials. In addition, students always have virtual and remote access to their teachers.

Students using these FREE resources are able to more easily blend their required education, daily commitments, and passions in to manageable and rewarding experience. For more information about the educational options within County Collaborative Charter School, please call 760-494-9646, or email us at