Sage News: Week of May 10, 2021 May 10, 2021

Sage News: Week of May 10, 2021

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Week of May 10, 2021

Math Mythbusters: Avoid the Summer Slide
During the summer months, students can slip away from math practice. After a year of hard work and learning the summer does not have to be an academic loss. Join us as we share simple tips and tricks that can promote mathematical academic thinking during summer vacation for grades K-12.

Part three of the Math Mythbusters series is coming up on May 19th, 2021. If you did not attend the other webinars in this series, you can still attend this one!
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Sage Oak is Co-Hosting the Cal Alt College Fair
Sage Oak’s first-ever college fair, the CAL ALT (California Alternative Education College Fair), takes place on May 12th from 6-8 pm! There will be over 50 colleges from small to large, local to international! The Sage Oak virtual booth opens at 5 pm. Sign up by clicking the link below!

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College & Career Readiness Course Series
Secondary Education is offering four elective courses for high school students next year to help prepare students for college and career planning. Each course is taught by a Sage Oak teacher including lessons from Sage Oak's Counselor, Allie Whalen.

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Counseling Corner
Our school strives to provide extraordinary service toward helping children thrive and fulfill their potential. We support all students' mental health and recognize California Student Mental Health Week on May 10th-14th, 2021. This week draws attention to the important issue of student mental health.

Children and youth mental health issues are real, widespread, and treatable. One in five youth is identified as struggling psychologically. Take a moment to discuss with your child how important their mental health is to you.

Honor your child’s emotional wellbeing by trying new coping skills. Utilizing the virtual spirit week poster below, find new ways to support your child’s social-emotional learning. For parents, the California Association of School Counselors is offering a parent workshop on Thursday, May 13 titled Understanding and Responding to your Child’s Mental Health Needs in the Time of COVID-19.

For additional mental health support or information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our School Counselor utilizing our Counselor Help Form. Thanks for standing with us as we bring awareness to the important issue of student mental health. #CA4StudentMentalHealth 

Please click the link below for more information and to register:

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COVID-19 Vaccination Availability
Because every Californian age 16 and up is now eligible for vaccination, the schools will be including helpful resources for families interested in the opportunity in our Sage News as an option.  We encourage families that are deciding to pursue vaccination to review the eligibility and registration requirements prior to making an appointment. Please keep in mind that these are county websites that are subject to change and that the sites are not maintained by Sage Oak Charter Schools. Please note, teenagers 16 and 17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and register for a vaccination clinic that offers the Pfizer vaccine.

If interested, we have linked all the appointment websites of the counties we serve below:

Every Californian can sign up at or call (833) 422-4255 to get their COVID-19 vaccine appointment. If appointments are not available, you can sign up to be notified when appointments open up.