The Collaborative Charter Sservices Organization's member schools give students an innovative alternative to their education, allowing them to learn on their terms and create their own paths for success.

Our member schools focus on creating a curriculum around each student’s passions, interests, and academic goals. We offer several options so that you can be confident your student’s needs are being met in a way that sets them up for success long after graduation.

CALPAC combines flexible learning with modern educational technology to create a supportive learning environment for grades TK-12 to help students of all types of backgrounds become independent learners.

California Pacific Charter Sonoma will harness the power of a flexible learning environment and modern educational technology to serve learners in grades TK-12 with diverse backgrounds and goals who seek an education alternative that stimulates and supports independent learning.

Motivated youth academy utilizes an enriched virtual blended learning model for grades TK-12, where students get the flexibility of online learning combined with the personalized instruction of highly qualified teachers through face-to-face learning sessions in person.

EXCEL ACADEMY offers a personalized independent learning model for students in TK-12 grade. We give families the freedom to build their own curriculum to ensure their student’s success.

PATHWAYS ACADEMY Charter School Adult Education is authorized by Acton Agua Dulce Unified School District. Per the Charter, we are authorized to serve young adult students, ages 16 to 25, whom reside in the state of California.

Sage Oak balances flexibility with accountability; by closely partnering with students and families, we create a personalized educational experience for grades K-12 that fosters a love of learning.